Naseem Bagh

 Naseem Bagh, located on western shore of Dal lake, is said to be the oldest Mughal garden in Kashmir. It’s much adored for its magnificent chinar trees some of which where planted before emperor Jahangir laid out the Shalimar garden in Srinagar. It is located at the distance of 8 km from the Srinagar city centre. It is 1 km of Hazratbal Mosque on western shore of Dal Lake. Naseem Bagh was Laid out in 1586 by Mughal Emperor Akbar. In 1635, his grandson Emperor Shah Jahan planted 12,000 more chinar trees in this garden. Today the garden with its stately chinar trees, has become one of the most beautiful and relaxing spot in the city. Nasim Bagh which means the ‘morning breeze’ stands up to its name as cool breeze from the Dal lake adds pleasantness to the wide expanse of chinar trees. The best part about Nasim Bagh is its changing colours with the change in seasons. Especially during autumn, a rout of orange and yellows can be seen and by the time its spring with summer on its heels, the canvas shifts to an assortment of greens. The University of Kashmir is located inside this garden enhancing its importance. However, the heritage status of the garden is still maintained as there are no huge buildings and the various departments of the university are nestled among the trees in small, single storey buildings. With prior permission from the tourism authorities, tourists can also camp inside Nasim Bagh.